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#SetTheVCR: Magic for Humans – Season 3

#SetTheVCR: Magic for Humans – Season 3

Sammy Younan

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It’s back!! Yes! Today on Netflix Magic for Humans one of my all time bestest most favourite most special Top Dog #1 Netflix tv shows returns with a third season. It’s got comedy and it’s got magic and it’s got discovery as host Justin Willman learns what it means to be…human. You know what it doesn’t have?

Camera or editing tricks because that is not magic. So…how is he doing what he’s doing? Or a better question: why is he doing what he is doing?

The premise is simple and wonderful: comedian and magician Justin Willman performs magic tricks for people on the street. You think you’ve seen before right? You think you know where this going right? Let this show surprise and delight you; inject some wonder back into your life.

Some of Season 1’s episodes/themes included Self Control, Guilt Trip, and Love while Season 2 focussed on Christmas, Daddy Issues, and Time is Relative. What themes can we expect for Season 3?

Power Trip
“Power exists in many forms, and Justin seeks to experience them all. He takes on a power washer, teaches the impact of kind words, stuns with the power of the mind and influences influencers.” The first scene in the trailer provides Justin’s magical response to power.

“Vices have a lot of power over us. To understand his own indulgences, Justin delves into the world of vices and meets people who can’t say no to urges. Welcome to a binge full of junk food, child gambling and smashing stuff with bats.” Think Season 1’s marshmallows will be back?

“Home is where the heart is, but it’s also usually a place where we keep our stuff. Justin explores the latter via a garage sale, a visit to a tiny home, a trip to Ikea and a revelation of how our smart homes are making us dumb.” Wonder if he scored those tasty Ikea meatballs…

Self Care
“Self care is important for a happy and healthy life. Justin explores the many ways we can better ourselves in our busy lives at the spa, staying on top of chores, letting a shrink into our brains or learning to heal our own wounds.” This show is part of my self-care routine.

The End
“All things eventually come to an end, and Justin takes on the tough theme of “kicking the bucket” by visiting a thrift store full of expired items, talking with those on the other side and helping kids prepare their bucket lists.” Since like Houdini magicians have been adept at cheating death. I’ll probably take some notes on this episode.

Know Fear
“When you face your fears, you often learn that the thing you were afraid of is not so scary after all. Justin faces his fears by performing nude, being saran wrapped, and overcoming his past trauma of indulging in hot peppers.” Full Frontal Nudity! Justin visits a nudist resort. But like…when you’re naked like that what do you do with your hands?

“Traditions don’t need to make sense, they just need to bring us joy. Justin takes on his favorite traditions by becoming the tooth fairy, becoming one with a pinata, and learning the proper ways to consume (and drop) food.” My Magic for Humans tradition is sadness when a season is over. If we have the power to prevent forest fires perhaps if we all get together we can make Season 4 happen?

Now that would be magical.

Magic for Humans: Season 3 is now on Netflix.

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