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#SetTheVCR: May 10-16, 2020

#SetTheVCR: May 10-16, 2020

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

We got Happy Days and Perfect Dudes. We got The Wrong Missy and a Joker. This is either #SetTheVCR or one strange week. Either way, you will not be bored.

Sunday, May 10
The Simpsons (8 p.m. / Fox)

Sammy Suggestion: The Last Dance (9 p.m. & 10 p.m. / ESPN)
This is not exactly a surprise party. The Last Dance Episodes 7 and 8 air tonight. Next Sunday it’s all over but the tears. I’m not ready to say goodbye.

Monday, May 11
Have A Good Trip: Adventures In Psychedelics (Anytime / Netflix)
Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass (Anytime / YouTube Originals)

Sammy Suggestion: Trial by Media (Anytime / Disney Plus)
“You’re out of order. The whole freaking system is out of order. You want the truth? You want the truth?! You can’t handle the truth!” Truth is this 6 part Netflix docuseries examines how cameras in the courtroom have turned justice into entertainment. (Technically you already knew that if you watched Night Court.) Trial by Media’s courtroom shenanigans will include Jenny Jones made-for-Court TV murder trials (I dunno who that is), Rod Blagojevich’s political fall (I don’t know who that is) and the awful case of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed African immigrant who was shot 41 times by police in New York City. Tragically I wish I did not know about this one.

Tuesday, May 12
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend (Anytime / Netflix)

Sammy Suggestion: The Happy Days of Garry Marshall (8 p.m. / ABC)
We lost Garry Marshall on July 19, 2016. However, before he departed he left us with an outstanding body of work as a producer: Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy so much more goodness and as a director he gifted us Pretty Woman, Dear God, Beaches and other movies that make us cry and feel sensitive. Tonight’s special is a tribute to the man and to his work. What a run, eh?

Wednesday, May 13
Sammy Suggestion: The Wrong Missy (Anytime / Netflix)
It’s a David Spade Netflix movie produced by Adam Sandler. With Vanilla Ice. I suspect the current stay at home orders will give this a solid guilty pleasure ratings spike. Oh as for the plot…such as it is: “a man who invites the woman he loves to accompany him on a trip to Hawaii, only to discover that he accidentally invited another woman with the same name.” Yup. It is what it is. Oh I’m so gonna watch.

Thursday, May 14
Sammy Suggestion: Magic For Humans: Season 1-2 (Anytime / Netflix)
One of my favourite Netflix tv shows returns for a third season on Friday! So why not use today to catch up on seasons 1 and 2? The premise is simple and wonderful: comedian and magician Justin Willman performs magic tricks for people on the street. You think you’ve seen before right? You think you know where this going right? Let this show surprise and delight you; inject some wonder back into your life.

Friday, May 15
Basketball County: In The Water (9 p.m. / Showtime)
James vs. His Future Self (Anytime / Crave)
Ready or Not (Anytime / Crave)

Sammy Suggestion: Magic For Humans: Season 3 (Anytime / Netflix)
It’s back!! Yes! This is one of my all time bestest most favourite most special Top Dog #1 Netflix tv show. It’s got comedy and it’s got magic and it’s got discovery as Justin Willman learns what it means to be…human. You know what it doesn’t have? Camera or editing tricks because that is not magic. So…how is he doing what he’s doing? Or a better question: why is he doing what he is doing?

Saturday, May 16
Sammy Suggestion: Joker (8 p.m. / HBO)
“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? I ask that of all my prey. I just like the sound of it.” Why so serious? What will Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker contribution be? Now that the movie is beamed into homes we shall soon find out.

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