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#SetTheVCR: Ramy – Season 2

#SetTheVCR: Ramy – Season 2

Sammy Younan

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The gang is all here!

Dave Merheje as Ahmed returns as does Ramy tomorrow on Hulu (and Crave in Canada.) Season 2, of course, features Ramy Youssef and May Calamawy and bonus its executive produced by Jerrod Carmichael. Good looking and talented group. (Shoutouts to Dave: great to see that dude blowing up he works so hard!)

I described Ramy: Season 1 as Atlanta but like set in New Jersey and with Muslims.

The official description is: “Ramy Hassan is a first-generation Egyptian-American who is on a spiritual journey in his politically divided New Jersey neighborhood. He becomes caught between a Muslim community that thinks life is a moral test and a millennial generation that believes life has no consequences.” Oh that’s much better.

Season 2 should be stronger now that everybody’s settled into their roles and knows what to do.

I’m expecting bigger laughs and more cultural landmines. It is not easy navigating two cultures. (Technically: 3 cultures. I’m Canadian and I’m Egyptian but also I’m steeped in pop “culture” with has it’s own rituals and street codes and semiotics. If you ever see a tired minority that’s why…juggling cultures is not easy.)

If you dig Atlanta on F/X you’ll dig this: some odd tone, same quirky sense of humour. If you haven’t watched season 1 you got 20 episodes to watch between the 2 seasons.

S’a good weekend. Enjoy yourself. Bonus enjoy: Back for Season 1 Dave Merheje and later May Calamawy visited My Summer Lair. Fresh: more gifts than Santa Claus.

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