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Artst Tlk Episode 4: Pharrell Williams Interviews Tony Hawk

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Tony Hawk!!

I so made tea for this episode don’t even doubt that. My generation got to witness (and build up) The King of Pop…the other MJ (Air Jordan) and Tony Hawk. We’ve seen the best of the best. How astonishingly blessed are we! Icons! Renegades!

It’s why so many of us struggled in school…teachers keeping us down like gravity. And winter…boo to winter and snow. I grew up on the wrong coast…

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Artst Tlk Episode 3: Pharrell Williams Interviews Alex Gorlin & Daniel Arsham

According to the YouTube blurb: “Pharrell Williams interviews Alex Gorlin, a renowned architect known for bringing warmth to modern design, and Daniel Arsham, an artist who blurs the line between art & architecture, challenging convention by placing shapes in unexpected places. Gorlin and Arsham share their influences inlcuding Marcel Duchamp and Frank Lloyd Wright. Gorlin shares his experience working with two of the greatest architects of the century, Im Pei & Richard Meier. Arsham discusses the multi-dimensional nature of the different mediums in which he works.”

Sure. I dunno who these guys are so let’s get into it.

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Artst Tlk Episode 2: Pharrell Williams Interviews David Salle & KAWS

The branding stands out: For the second episode of Artst Tlk it’s “A new take on the talk show format hosted by award winning producer, artist, designer, and businessman Pharrell Williams.” Businessman is the word that stands out…since 2012 all those other aspects of Pharrell are not only confirmed but match his public identity. Businessman…huh.

Episode 2…you can check out Episode 1 but this no complex Doctor Who mythology that demands chronological order. And since this episode is about Art the animations are created by Kevin Lyons, dig his work.


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Artst Tlk Episode 1: Pharrell Williams Interviews Ben Mezrich & Andy Greenberg

Travel back in time with me (just this one time without the DeLorean/TARDIS) to 2012 when Pharrell Williams hosted an interview “tv show” on Reserve a YouTube Channel.

According to the channel’s description: “ARTST TLK” is a progressive take on the talk show format, with Pharrell Williams inviting special guests – culled from a number of different creative sectors – to explore each other’s work, motivations, inspirations and philosophies at different stages of their career.” The name alone had me boiling water for my tea; my hot version of you had me at hello.

Never did get around to watching it back then, thankfully everything done online continues to exist online. Just needed to wait for the water to boil and my time to free up:

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