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Something for Book Club! Sefi Atta’s “Everything Good Will Come”

Caroline Donegan

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Finding a book that is easy to read and actually enriching can sometimes feel like hitting the jackpot. So called, ‘page-turners’ can often feel like the soap-opera equivalent of the literary world, and good, honest writing that enhances your life isn’t always that compelling until around page 86 or so.

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RTZ: Under President Trump Reading is Fundamental: A Fiction Action List

Sammy Younan

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I wrote about the how mainstream media was sloppier than a sloppy joe in the Non-Fiction Action List. Here is the Fiction Action List. Fiction is way scarier than Non-Fiction. It’s one thing to know or understand something; that’s what Non-Fiction books do but you have to take that idea to its logical conclusion. (If you’re wrestling with the writer is “wrong” then you’ve missed the point entirely. Pass Go and don’t collect $200). Fiction takes the rationales we operate under…the ideas we explore to a logical conclusion; novels are hypotheticals rooted in real life.

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RTZ: Under President Trump Reading is Fundamental: A Non-Fiction Action List

Sammy Younan

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One of the primary storylines from the past week is how the mainstream media sucks (truthfully media never recovered going online…the news wasn’t gonna slow down long enough for them to figure out an online business strategy. Anybody who has madcap dashed through a busy airport to catch their departing flight understands that stress.)

There’s a handful of writers who’ve got fantastic non-fiction books that deal with many of the tough topics and trendy themes people are grappling with. And for the most part I haven’t seen these writer interviewed or quoted which is painfully sloppy journalism. Again.

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Sweat & Salt: Invincible Summers

Alissa Santiago

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“I can make out the pile of books on the floor across the dark room and I wonder if there’s a book in the pile with the answers I need. From the rafters above, I hear a fluttering, like wings beating wildly, of something trying to find a way out.” (Robin Gaines, Invincible Summers)


Invincible Summers by Robin Gaines is an inspiring read. Robin’s phrases are so thoughtfully crafted I could not put this book down. The novel takes you through 11 summers of Claudia’s life from age 6 to 23. Set in a middle class suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan starting in the 1963 to 1980.

The novel shows her coming of age during a time of assassinations, riots and the Vietnam War. Each chapter of her life is full of texture, insight and emotion.

What I enjoyed about this book with the voice of Claudia. The book starts with her at age 6 and through her voice you see the world through her eyes. The guilt a child carries is heart breaking and I saw echoes this as the summers passed. For me this story was about letting go and growing into the person she is.

There are very few books that I would read again but this book will become part of my summer indulgences.

Robin Gaines

This is Robin’s first novel. She is also an award winning journalist and fiction writer. Her work has appeared in literary journals, newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

Buy it here. Follow Robin here and here.

Alissa Santiago @ W • T • I

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