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There Is No Age Limit For Cartoons

Janica Maya

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One of my fondest memory as a child was sitting on the couch watching my favourite cartoons while eating a bowl of cereal…it was also the thing I did this morning. As we grow up making money with our adult jobs and paying taxes will we ever grow out of watching cartoons as we did with our Hello Kitty Backpack?

We may miss some of our favourite shows such as Arthur, The Proud Family, Rugrats and many more but it will not stop us from enjoying a good cartoon show at any age.

Cartoons can be enjoyable as any live-action shows depending on which are appropriate for the right age. Cartoons are suitable for people from all walks of life. As an adult, I am too old to watch the Blue’s Clues but South Park and The Boondocks may be the most appropriate show for my age.

Especially, being one of the most R-rated and offensive show. Both shows consist of 10-year-old children swearing their mouths off and much nudity. Since it is animated it makes it less alarming because it is not real and does not hold back on being aggressively dirty. However, it can be mistaken as any children show as I did when I was young until I realized 10-year kids should not be drinking alcohol or playing with guns. Having cartoons for adults determines that it is not only for children.

As we see various cartoon shows for children and adults, Disney movies can also be appealing to all ages. It shares important lessons in life and role model we can all learn from. It is great for children and is often loved by adults. For instance, I enjoyed watching Moana because it is a film about facing your fears and finding your “true” self. The film inspired me to believe in myself and explore the world, I know sounds very cliche of me. With its light-hearted humour its hard not to enjoy a classic Disney animated film.

With the anticipated premiere of the Incredibles 2 it will be a film that everyone enjoys. Bringing back our favourite family of superheroes that we dearly loved as a child, but for many kids, they will discover and adore a new animated film. Theatres will surely be filled with kids and adults. By that, animated movies can be loved by anybody of any age.

Watching cartoons as a child was something most of us do every day and as adults, we do not have to give up on that desire. Cartoons is a universal “language” for everybody to appreciate. What Disney films have taught me is to do what you enjoy the most and if cartoons is that urge your age should not stop you from watching.

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TBT: Spider Senses Tingling

Sammy Younan

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The greatest life lesson I picked up as a kid…always listen to when your Spider Senses are tingling…

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TBT: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Sammy Younan

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