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RTZ: Suicide Squad Is Not Exactly A Lego Brick

Sammy Younan

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{Special thanks to Rob Gaudette}
Halfway through Suicide Squad I finally clued in what DC is doing “wrong” compared to Marvel Movies. I dunno if wrong is the right word…it’s a different strategy that’s just not working.

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Pantsworthy: Artfest with Craig White

Craig White…the dynamic host of Verbal Paintbrush is hosting a booth at Artfest this long weekend in the Distillery. Right beside the Love lock sign (which is kinda ironic since he worked on the Lovelocks logo). Go forth and check out the art…his and all there is so many fantastic booths. Oh and beside Craig’s booth…there is a patio and beside that is an ice cream store selling Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Oh Yes…

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Pantsworthy NXNE: June 18, 2015

Thursday June 18…Day 2 of NXNE 2015. The party train zooms on, let’s all get on and see where we end up tonight.

Not NXNE related but fun…tonight’s In Session Guest will be the Ivory Hours. Come by the Pacific Junction Hotel bar at 6:30pm. Or come later to hear a DJ and Ellis Dea…it’s Girth’s NXNE Fantastic Fun!

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Fresh Fridays: Wordburglar “Drawings with Words”

From the NewMusic Ten Archives…a Fresh Friday with Wordburglar:

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