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Garbage Time: 2016-2017 NBA Season Preview

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

The 71st season of the National Basketball Association begins on Tuesday October 25, 2016. KG, Kobe and Duncan are retired (you can toss Stoudemire into that mix and mercifully Mo Williams and Landry Fields are gone which…if you’ve seen em play is not a tragedy) so for the first time this’ll be a new look NBA.

I am ready! Are you?

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Garbage Time: 2015-2016 NBA Season Report Card

All-Star Weekend has come and gone. It was freezing and for reasons nobody can properly articulate Sting performed. The coolest aspect of All-Star Weekend was the Jordan store at Yonge-Dundas. S’gone now without a note on the dresser. Damn.

Last half of the 70th NBA season…let’s get down to business. Some of the storylines I was following when the season started are unfolding…

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Illuminated Chronicles: Imitators

The return of a fresh NBA season brings with it the fist pumping joy of…commercials.

Surprisingly it’s not all about the Superbowl; throughout the NBA season viewers will chuckle, marvel and even gasp at some of the marvelous ads. The commercials are as much a fun part of the entertainment package as the actual games and household name players.

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Garbage Time: 2015-2016 NBA Season Preview

The 70th NBA season begins on Tuesday, October 27.

Following a Warriors championship (that my co-host on Garbage Time Craig White readily marks with an asterisk because they didn’t defeat healthy teams) there were trades and signings and rookies and coaching changes: I’m waiting for the dust to settle to see what the new starting 5s will look like.

In the meantime here are a handful of NBA storylines I’m eagerly following…

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