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#SetTheVCR: Basketball County: In The Water

Sammy Younan

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Man Friday, May 15 is a busy night for streaming TV.

Crave is airing Ready or Not really wanted to see that movie back in the cinema (Samara Weaving is coming along she was darkly funny in Mayhem), Netflix has Magic for Humans: Season 3 (my phone is off the hook all weekend…show is so good!) and Showtime has Basketball County: In The Water at 9pm. (Technically for us in Canada that’s also Crave.)

Showtime has quietly built up a fantastic NBA doc-corner lotta docs All The Smoke podcast: good stuff.

You can tell they hired somebody a few years ago and this go-getter is just cranking out the goodness.

This is a Prince George’s County documentary and that hood’s NBA contributions: Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, Michael Beasley, Quinn Cook etc.

(I dig Durant’s media offerings…he’s been decent so far. Q Ball is on Netflix if you haven’t seen that. Media wise Durant has been better than LeBron. LeBron is remaking House Party, Space Jam 2 think it’s all been shot…Shut Up and Dribble was another doc he made last year. I’ve said this repeatedly he’s trying to tie himself into the culture and say: “look guys I’m cool!” LeBron’s the new Jerry Krause via The Last Dance. “Sit down LeBron…stop dancing.”)

Anyways here’s the trailer for Basketball County: In The Water:

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