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Hidden Gem: Lucius “Madness”

Sammy Younan

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How I discovered Lucius…

In early 2013 Mike from PledgeMusic emailed to say “got this amazing band Lucius to play at 6pm.” Dude’s got a fantastic ear so I dutifully located my pants and headed to Tequila Bookworm to check out their CMW industry set.

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Pantsworthy NXNE: June 18, 2015

Thursday June 18…Day 2 of NXNE 2015. The party train zooms on, let’s all get on and see where we end up tonight.

Not NXNE related but fun…tonight’s In Session Guest will be the Ivory Hours. Come by the Pacific Junction Hotel bar at 6:30pm. Or come later to hear a DJ and Ellis Dea…it’s Girth’s NXNE Fantastic Fun!

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