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#SetTheVCR: Magic for Humans – Season 3

Sammy Younan

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It’s back!! Yes! Today on Netflix Magic for Humans one of my all time bestest most favourite most special Top Dog #1 Netflix tv shows returns with a third season. It’s got comedy and it’s got magic and it’s got discovery as host Justin Willman learns what it means to be…human. You know what it doesn’t have?

15 May 2020 Girth Radio Blog  My Summer Lair Read more

Pantsworthy: Hot Docs – May 2, 2016

Magic, Science-Fiction and Cinema…flourish because they all have their own society of nerds. Today 3 Hot Docs honors those 3 mediums…if you’re a nerd today is a good day. Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.

2 May 2016 Girth Radio Blog  My Summer Lair Read more