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Why Won’t We Camp for Music?

Caroline Donegan

Girth Radio Presents…

Back in 2015, WayHome Music and Arts Festival hosted their inaugural event, coaxing music fans to travel an hour and a half outside of Toronto to camp in a heat wave for three days. Festival-goers were sunburnt and sweaty, but that didn’t matter compared to the excitement and music-induced bliss that dominated the weekend.

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The Power of a Throwback – Nostalgia Concerts

Caroline Donegan

Girth Radio Presents…

2003 – a time when payphones still existed, Pokémon was played with cards, and every playlist at a school dance included Sean Paul’s Get Busy, and Aqua’s Doctor Jones.

Ask anyone who danced across a school gym, waving glow sticks and sweating in the era before air conditioning was standard in schools, and they’ll tell that these songs are iconic. They’re core components to the soundtrack of the early 2000s.

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Wayhome: Throwback Male Dominated Bands Headline, But Strong Female Leads Steal The Show

Melanie Dwyer-Joyce

Girth Radio Presents…

I recently attended Wayhome Music Festival at Burl’s Creek in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. After the first day, my fellow Wayhomies and I reflected on how almost all of the acts that we had chosen to see that day had been predominantly female. We had seen Aluna George, Metric, Chvrches (Watched LCD Soundsystem from the Ferris wheel) Marian Hill, and Matt & Kim. The rest of the weekend continued to impress us with amazing females artists.

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Old Man Canyon at Adelaide Hall

This Thursday, Girth Radio had the honour of hosting Vancouver act Old Man Canyon‘s brainchild Jett Pace on In Session With Girth..Jett and our own Sammy Younan discussed Prince, mountains and his love for synth.

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NewMusic Ten Playlist #2

Sadly this week’s NewMusic Ten playlist starts on a sombre yet beautiful note. As many of you know and are still processing Paul Walker passed onto the next life on November 30. Man, I dig those Fast and Furious movies.

Paul’s friend, the talented RZA penned this soulful tune, Destiny Bends in immediate reaction to Paul’s death. It’s raw and visceral and real…it’s rare to encounter music like that anymore s’why I included it.

Mercifully after that the playlist picks up with all kinds of sonic delightfulness. Dance along to Australia’s Skipping Girl Vinegar and Carousel’s Into the Night. And is it me or does Heart Attack the hauntingly second track stand in a warm New Order shadow?

Here we go: NewMusic Ten Playlist #2!

NewMusic Ten

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