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Snoop Dogg’s adidas Talk Show: Turf’d Up

We’ve lived through the East Coast-West Coast rivalry, the Cola Wars, a couple of battles for Late Night and now it appears in 2016 we’re in the early stages of The Sneaker Wars: adidas vs Nike. Which for the most part has been a cold war:

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Illuminated Chronicles: adidas – Your Future Is Not Mine

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

In 1925 Al Capone at 26 became the new Boss of a sprawling criminal network. At the height of his seven year mob-reign Capone seemed untouchable. Keyword: seemed. A lot can happen between today and tomorrow.

As a modern Eliot Ness adidas’ is facing their untouchable Al Capone in Nike. Nike is…well, Nike and they own about half of the market share of fresh kicks. adidas is facing a daunting task: Nike seems untouchable.

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Illuminated Chronicles: Imitators

The return of a fresh NBA season brings with it the fist pumping joy of…commercials.

Surprisingly it’s not all about the Superbowl; throughout the NBA season viewers will chuckle, marvel and even gasp at some of the marvelous ads. The commercials are as much a fun part of the entertainment package as the actual games and household name players.

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