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#SetTheVCR for Sunday, March 31 to Saturday, April 6, 2019

Sammy Younan

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Behold all the seasons and shows I’ve missed for various nonsensical reasons giving me another opportunity via another season. It remains to be “seen” if I’ll watch. That’s the nice thing about tv…you often get a second chance even if you don’t deserve it.

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#SetTheVCR for Sunday, March 24 to Saturday, March 30

Sammy Younan

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This is one of those weeks where “we’re in the golden era of television” is a hard sell. Still undaunted I’ve found some television worthy of your VCR.

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There Is No Age Limit For Cartoons

Janica Maya

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One of my fondest memory as a child was sitting on the couch watching my favourite cartoons while eating a bowl of cereal…it was also the thing I did this morning. As we grow up making money with our adult jobs and paying taxes will we ever grow out of watching cartoons as we did with our Hello Kitty Backpack?

We may miss some of our favourite shows such as Arthur, The Proud Family, Rugrats and many more but it will not stop us from enjoying a good cartoon show at any age.

Cartoons can be enjoyable as any live-action shows depending on which are appropriate for the right age. Cartoons are suitable for people from all walks of life. As an adult, I am too old to watch the Blue’s Clues but South Park and The Boondocks may be the most appropriate show for my age.

Especially, being one of the most R-rated and offensive show. Both shows consist of 10-year-old children swearing their mouths off and much nudity. Since it is animated it makes it less alarming because it is not real and does not hold back on being aggressively dirty. However, it can be mistaken as any children show as I did when I was young until I realized 10-year kids should not be drinking alcohol or playing with guns. Having cartoons for adults determines that it is not only for children.

As we see various cartoon shows for children and adults, Disney movies can also be appealing to all ages. It shares important lessons in life and role model we can all learn from. It is great for children and is often loved by adults. For instance, I enjoyed watching Moana because it is a film about facing your fears and finding your “true” self. The film inspired me to believe in myself and explore the world, I know sounds very cliche of me. With its light-hearted humour its hard not to enjoy a classic Disney animated film.

With the anticipated premiere of the Incredibles 2 it will be a film that everyone enjoys. Bringing back our favourite family of superheroes that we dearly loved as a child, but for many kids, they will discover and adore a new animated film. Theatres will surely be filled with kids and adults. By that, animated movies can be loved by anybody of any age.

Watching cartoons as a child was something most of us do every day and as adults, we do not have to give up on that desire. Cartoons is a universal “language” for everybody to appreciate. What Disney films have taught me is to do what you enjoy the most and if cartoons is that urge your age should not stop you from watching.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Tackles Hollywood’s Biggest Scandal

Janica Maya

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is wrapping up it’s fourth and final season on Netflix. On May 31st the final premiere of the quirky comedy show released only six episodes leaving viewers flustered with its unexpected finish.

The season was starting off great and thought it was a crucial joke to end the show without closure. As to whether Kimmy will finally start a life without hearing Reverend Wayne again and if Titus will finally catch a big break with his acting career with Jacquelyn being his agent.

News from Screenrant:
“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 4 recently arrived on Netflix, but only one half of the season is currently available. You’ll have to wait until January 25, 2019, to watch season 4, part 2, and find out what that mysterious cliffhanger was all about.”

It was a relief to hear the final season is not ending off any time soon but we will have to wait another year to continue the next final episodes. With only six episodes aired, the show did not hold back with its satirical attack on current issues faced today such as Hollywood sex scandals. I am curious and excited what the next episodes will bring to the show.

Despite living in a bunker for many years, in season four Kimmy is up to date with some of the issues in America. Such as the Weinstein sex scandal opening up a floodgate of years of sexual misconduct of men in Hollywood. These concerns resulted in the growth of the #metoo movement that fights against sexual harassment and assault.

By that, the show demonstrates the concern on the misconduct of men, as Kimmy discovered Reverend Richard Wayne, the man who trapped Kimmy and other women in a bunker for years, gained many fans despite his awful crime. Such as Fran, a men’s rights activist that believes their rights are being attacked by the increasing involvement of women. He considers the bunker was the idea of restoring traditional beliefs of the “Nuclear Family.” Since women became more involved in society and did not have to rely on men Fran feels intimidated by the changes because it challenges their masculinity.

Fran holds a strong belief that the Reverend is innocent despite clear evidence and testimony that proved him guilty. He sees him as the victim in the crime rather than the women. Kimmy and the other women’s brutal experiences were disregarded to be true.

The show demonstrates a clash between men and women of victim-blaming that divides both genders. Kimmy believes the battle between the two sexes can be solved from the roots of the problem of fairytale stories. After being part of Titus’ middle school play production of “Beaudy an’ the Beest,” Kimmy realized fairytale stories harm the minds of young children to conform to an expectation that determines their gender. For instance, female characters are often seen as distressed and vulnerable and in need of saving by a man.

Whereas, male characters are heroic and superior over women. These stories we enjoyed as a kid were not all fun and magical, rather filled with stereotypes and expectations that affected the way we grow up. After, her dispute with Fran she decided to write her own stories that help boys with their “squishy unformed brains” to treat girls better and help them grow to better adults. With the next few episodes airing next year we will see whether Kimmy’s children book is a success and if she is really capable of fixing any problem.

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Set The VCR: Sunday Feb 11 2018 to Saturday Feb 17 2018

Sammy Younan

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#SetTheVCR for this upcoming week…recently a friend asked about my tv habits.

I Set The VCR every Sunday for the upcoming week; kinda stockpiling tv so I have options every night. Some weeks are better than others.

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