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The ROCKthusiast Interviews…Vibonics

Originally posted on NewMusic Ten for NXNE on June 11, 2013:
Toronto is a city where there’s always a lot going on when it comes to live music. Why should folks come out to see you at NXNE? What makes you stand out? And what’s your favourite T.O. venue?

One way to heighten your NXNE experience is by seeing weird, cool, different artists. Sometimes it’s at a venue that’s a little off the beaten path. You might even only go because the genre description made you scratch your head enough to wonder what all the fuss is about. Vibonics are all of that. A sound so wide-ranging it’s hard to describe (we just put “Other” as our genre for that reason), performing at a venue (Measure) tucked away in one of Toronto’s most notorious pubbing streets (Brunswick Ave), this group of six guys and gals will undoubtedly rock (and hip hop, and funk, and r&b) your face off.

Being from Toronto, we’ve played a bunch of venues but our favourite might be Sneaky Dee’s, it’s so highly rated in gnarlyness! Playing the Horseshow was also pretty legendary, and 3030 is wicked fun.

NXNE is all about music discovery – Apart from yourself(ves), who’s the ONE ACT you would most recommend people check out at NXNE?

1992 Toronto Blue Jays, because they have the best name.

Come September, what’s the coolest thing you hope to say you did “on your summer vacation?”

Wrestled a polar bear in Yukon and survived.

We all know there will eventually be a zombie apocalypse – If you only had enough battery life left on your music player to enjoy ONE album in full before your brains get eaten, what would it be?

The upcoming Vibonics EP, Kitchen Sink – mostly to rest assured I actually did something dope in this life.

If you could play any festival in the world the rest of this year, which would it be and why?

Alfred would definitely say Bonnaroo, no question. The whole campground experience leads to plenty of fun stuff when we’re not on stage, and there’s no better feeling than rocking to a crowd full of intense, passionate music lovers who just want to mosh, party, and dive in the mud.

Who in music has impressed you the most so far in 2013, and who do you feel still has something up their sleeve?

It came out in 2012, but I’ve been getting increasingly deeper into Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city. The concept is tight, lyrics on fire and the production value is crazy, it’s almost like the best of all worlds converging in one place. As for who has something up their sleeve… Jay-Z’s been awfully quiet for a while hasn’t he? I think he might have a hat to throw in the ring by the time the year’s done.

Let’s say you had access to a WABAC machine like Sherman and Mr. Peabody did in the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons; who’s the one person, band or event you wish you could go back in time to experience?

Any Michael Jackson concert before he became white.

If you had an unlimited marketing budget, what would be your ideal “piece of swag?”

A hat that floats exactly five inches directly above my head at all times. That way I could rock a sick haircut and a sick hat at the same time… bro.

Please give me at least one pro and con as it relates to music and social media.

Pro – it allows artists to have a constantly updated portfolio both for fans and potential business partners alike to access. Con – it’s so saturated that nobody’s really listening anymore… even on Facebook you have to pay to have your posts featured and seen by the majority of your fans.

Finally, let’s end on a positive note by you telling me the BEST thing about being an indie artist, and why fans should be hopeful for the future.

The best thing about being an indie artist is the creative control you have over your craft. We can make what we want without having anyone breathe down our necks to write to a commercial or with a certain melody. We pretty much are in control of our own destiny – we choose which direction we want ourselves and our band to take. Fans should be hopeful for the future because our new EP Kitchen Sink will be chock full of raw, powerful, and funky sound that will be sure to blow your mind.

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