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Wayhome: Throwback Male Dominated Bands Headline, But Strong Female Leads Steal The Show

Wayhome: Throwback Male Dominated Bands Headline, But Strong Female Leads Steal The Show

Melanie Dwyer-Joyce

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I recently attended Wayhome Music Festival at Burl’s Creek in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. After the first day, my fellow Wayhomies and I reflected on how almost all of the acts that we had chosen to see that day had been predominantly female. We had seen Aluna George, Metric, Chvrches (Watched LCD Soundsystem from the Ferris wheel) Marian Hill, and Matt & Kim. The rest of the weekend continued to impress us with amazing females artists.

This actually struck me by surprise-not because there is any shortage of talented female artists in the industry-but because the headliners were all mostly male lead bands. I recalled an article that my mother forwarded to me weeks before from the Globe and Mail: “Music Festivals Have a Serious Problem: They Don’t Book Enough Female Bands.”

I originally protested: Lana Del Rey is headlining Osheaga, but then realized that it is true. The article shared some numbers:

“…NXNE revealed a distressing ratio with just one of the nine acts initially announced to play… included women…only four of the sixteen later announced did not identify as men… Mad Decent Block Party has zero female acts… Coachella has only ever featured one woman headliner in it’s top slot since launching in 1999.”


However, they point out that most festival goers are women, stating that “Osheaga’s audience is 60-65 per cent women.” (Flower crowns do look better on us than on men). The article continues to say that festival programmers have a slew of excuses for the lack of female performers, one of which is that “booking women won’t return as much profit as booking men.”

This is where I really had to disagree, considering that when seeing the line-up, most of the acts that convinced me to buy a ticket were made up of or at least partly females, and we ended up attending mostly female acts throughout the weekend. Although none were headliners, at least that means that the festival didn’t have to pay them a headliner price. I’m no accountant, but I’d say that the female acts definitely brought a significant amount of profit.

So while I agree that yes, the majority of the performers were male, we ended up choosing the female acts. A friend pointed out that one of the reasons for this could be that electronic elements to music are slipping it’s way into each and every musical genre, and female voices happen to sound so good over electronic sounds.

Hopefully next year we will see even more fabulous female acts, maybe even a few headliners. Scroll through to check out the female acts of Wayhome (that we saw).

Aluna George

Aluna Francis of this duo is just too cool. She made sure to point out that girls are in control.


I’ve longed to see rockstar Emily Haines perform since I was in seventh grade.


While there are two male musicians in this group, Lauren Mayberry is the sweetheart that draws in the crowd.

Marian Hill

The whole group was extremely talented, but there’s no denying lead-singer Samantha Gongol’s incredible voice and ballerina-like stage presence.

Matt & Kim

Check out Kim Schiffino killing it on the drums. They were both extremely entertaining. Just look at them go.

Lindsey Stirling

She actually dances like that while playing the violin live on stage. And proved all those who told her she couldn’t make it in this genre wrong.

FKA Twigs

Tahlia Debrett Barnett is trippy- but talented.

Oh Wonder

Female vocalist Josephine was just too cute. Their vocals compliment each other wonderfully.

You all know singer Karen Marie Ørsted from “Lean On”. She was very fun and this song is an absolute anthem.


The trio of sisters Este, Danielle and Alan Haim are the cool girls you wish that you could rock out with.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see all of the amazing acts, female or male. Who was your favourite female artist of the weekend?

Girl Power.


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