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Present Tense:
We lost the Pacific Junction Hotel in late 2019. Under new management who failed to see the vision of what we were building. 2020 rolled around and that unleashed the pandemic which made the sadness tolerable. Everything closed and like all work ever we hadda find new ways of working.

Everyone DJ and podcaster scattered. I (Sammy Younan) continue to record as the Host of My Summer Lair. You can hear me on that website now. Thanks for listening; hanging out, supporting. Oh Lord we had too much fun to stop doing this. The environment has changed; the hustle has not.

Past Tense:
Girth Radio broadcasts from inside the Pacific Junction Hotel, a vibrant bar in downtown Toronto.

Our interactive studio is a public space for artists to boldly connect and collaborate, perform live entertainment and deliver hot and fresh, up-and-coming content to our listeners around the globe.

Girth’s nimble and passionate gang are devoted to offering you the latest music, technology and entertainment happenings so that you always know what Toronto, and the rest of this wonderful world, is up to.

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