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Garbage Time Episode 3

Garbage Time Episode 3

Craig White & Sammy Younan

Published on: April 26 2015

This episode features an Adam Sandler Brain Fart…think it was a Mr. Deeds reference were trying to get at…and didn’t quite make it. But you know who did make it?

The Swiffer Sweeper goes to the Warriors! and the Cavs!
We also discuss the poetry that is Marc Gasol, so yes we hit em low with Adam Sandler and hit em high with poetry. That’s what we do!


Highlights & Headlines
No Damian Lillard magic!
We didn’t expect the Raptors to be so bad…can they breakout like Warriors and Wizards?
Does Sammy own Dwight Howard an apology?
Moses Malone the Bob Dylan of NBA
Spurs have no street cred
What’s a better comparison to Paul/Griffin:
Stockton and Malone or Payton and Kemp
And of course…
Iman Shumpert hair (though Dennis Schröder has X-Men hair!).
Nets clipart team

The Amazing Kreskin Predictions
Rockets taking Mavs
Spurs taking it…should go 6 or 7

Fresh Kicks
Craig: Jordan Son Of Mars
Sammy: Jordans Super.Fly 2

Garbage Time 3 Shoes

Opening Sample: Lords of the Underground Chief Rocka