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Garbage Time Episode 5

Garbage Time Episode 5

Craig White & Sammy Younan

Published on: May 10 2015

Truth: before there was swagger there Moxy (used by Craig) and Gumption (used by Sammy). And that’s what we’re seeing in the 2015 NBA Playoffs.

Highlights & Headlines
Hero Ball vs Unsung Hero
JR stole Noah’s fire…
Actual shot…not a chuck!
The Love Spot…
Gasol’s hamstring
The LeBron shot rattled Sammy…
Who has the better NBA beard?
Kevin Durant Thunderstruck reference!
Belief! Looking ahead…hubris
Curry floor leader
Gas Face to Matt Barnes to Harden’s Mom
Blake’s Kleenex endorsement deals for his tears
Kyrie Irvings most popular shoe in the NBA playoffs?
Injuries continue…so painful

The Amazing Kreskin Predictions
Bulls over Cavs…he is wearing a LeBron t-shirt
Grizzles take it!
Hawks over Wizards

holding out for Bulls…fragile hope! Bulls will win the series and beats the Cavs…barely
Hawks over Wizards
Grizzles take it!

Fresh Kicks
Craig: Nike Air Max
Sammy: Air Jordan Phase 23 Hoops
Garbage Time 5 Shoes

Opening Sample: 3rd Bass The Gas Face