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Garbage Time Episode 8

Garbage Time Episode 8

Craig White & Sammy Younan

Published on: May 31 2015

4 days until the 2015 NBA Finals begin…so…now what? All aboard the Bogut Bus: it’s Garbage Time!

Highlights & Headlines
Craig doesn’t need a hug: he’s proud of what the Hawks have accomplished
Flagrant 2 fouls vs The Brotherhood
Tony Parker single:

Q: Is Tristan Thompson Really a Maximum Contract Player?
Craig: “Tristan Thompson is The Good Wife for LeBron”

Q: Does Wade return the favour and play for the Cavs?
Damn You Karma: LeBron has now knocked the Bulls out of the playoffs in four of the last six seasons
Bulls Window…this was their year!

Pistons made Jordan better who makes LeBron better?

We’ve never had a Kobe/LeBron final!
The one time Jordan was considered an underdog
Godfather Hair Era
Craig wants you to get on the Bogut Bus
Craig’s Fun With Stats

The Amazing Kreskin Predictions
Sammy: Warriors in 6!
Craig: Cavs in 7!

Sneaker News
Butler leaves Adidas!

Fresh Kicks
Craig: Reebok Men’s Pump Omni Lite Snow Grey
Sammy: NIke SB

Garbage Time 8 Shoes

Opening Sample: Beastie Boys Sure Shot