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On-Air With Girth…Babe Parade

On-Air With Girth…Babe Parade

Host: Sammy Younan

Published on: February 1 2016

So…here’s the thing:

Girth Radio broadcasts from inside the Pacific Junction Hotel bar. Outstanding…bands and Girth hosts can enjoy adult beverages and snack on yummy food. There’s a but…this only works if a band is in Toronto and can come in to PJH.

What happens if a band can’t come to Girth Radio?
Simple…we bring the interview to them.

Sammy Younan mailed…yes physically mailed 7 questions to L.A. based Babe Parade.

7 evenlopes they have to open one after another On-Air. They don’t know what to expect…this is way more fun than a traditional interview.

Here is On-Air With Girth…Babe Parade:

Listen to Lush Babe Parade’s EP:

Thanks to Andrew King for editing help!

Babe Parade @ W • T • F


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Interviewer Sammy Younan @ W • T • F