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Last Night’s NXNE: June 19, 2015

Last Night’s NXNE: June 19, 2015

Another night gone and NXNE is just getting revved up!


The Wall at Lee’s Palace

Last night at Lee’s Palace was a trip with Bradford Cox, stage name Atlas Sound.

I didn’t know what to expect seeing him come on stage dressed like Neil Young and having only an electronic board and a mic. Still, without any preconceptions, I was surprised.


Atlas Sound at Lee’s Palace

His set was an adventure through sound, at times off-putting, but weird enough to keep you listening. The few songs which had melodies were catchy enough to deserve a second listen but for the remaining bulk you were riding the waves.

Girth Station manager Carson Quarrington, Program Director Sammy Younan and photographer Henry VanderSpek aka Culture Snap did the Cameron House-Rivoli-Horseshoe circuit catching sets by Shawn William Clarke, Devin Cuddy Band and much more.

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