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PantsWorthy: TIFF 2019

Sammy Younan

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One of the more puzzling aspects of a film festival—most film festivals—is that the present project is what gets celebrated. The present is the focus. Kevin Smith got Clerks into Sundance which is a great accomplishment. However the present only creates potential. It is the follow up…that matters: the relationship with the festival and now the relationship with the audience grows out of that potential. In music one hit wonders are fine and fun they do not in any way shape or form suggest a career or a body of work.

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Recap: Navigating Mental Health Solutions

Laura Londono

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This past Wednesday May 15, 2019, I attended a Mental Health conference organized by the Canadian Club of Toronto.

Navigating Mental Health Solutions” centered around youth mental health and the resources and supports available.

Panelist Priya Watson, who works as a clinician-scientist at CAMH, in the Cundill Centre for Child and Youth Depression, highlighted the services at CAMH as well as the barriers to access for young people. She spoke of the months long wait-lists simply to receive a diagnosis, only to be placed on another wait list for treatment.

David Willis, director of East Metro Youth Services, an agency that oversees the funding of 30 Children’s Mental Health Agencies across Toronto, spoke about What’s Up Walk-In Clinics and their aim to reduce hospital visits by acting as a “single point of access” for young people and their families in neighbourhoods across Toronto. The What’s up walk-in website explains that the clinics sees youth and families without an appointment, fee or health card required.

Lastly, Eric Windeler, Founder and Executive Director of Jack.org, a youth-led charity that trains youth leaders to deliver mental health talks to schools across the country as well as developing resources such as Be There, which provides guidelines about engaging in conversation with and supporting loved ones struggling with their mental health.

I enjoyed the opportunity to attend the conference, yet I felt that there were some more resources worth mentioning.

Below are some helpful resources:

Stella’s Place: Resource for engaging in conversation with loved ones experiencing mental health struggles.

Lift Up Program: Youth mental health centre offering FREE peer-support, peer-support training, fitness programs and an arts studio.

MetCon (Metabolic Condition) Program: Held at Academy of Lions CrossFit gym for people struggling with mental health and addictions.

Mood Disorders Association of Ontario: Trauma-informed boxing program for self-identified women who have experienced violence.

CMHA Toronto: Peer-support programs as well as a variety of programming such as Laughing Like Crazy, a stand-up comedy training program based on participants’ lived experience.
Gerstein Centre: Support with housing, intensive therapy programs, and wellness programs: an alternative to a stay at the hospital, the Gerstein Centre provides short-term residential services for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.


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Pantsworthy: Hot Docs – May 5, 2019

Sammy Younan

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Final Day of the 2019 Hot Docs festival. What did you see? What did you unlearn? Today ‘s offering two portraits of mental health and…I dunno maybe the suggestion doggies are good for your mental health? One last time…Here we go!


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Pantsworthy: Hot Docs – May 4, 2019

Sammy Younan

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Day 10 of the 2019 Hot Docs festival. Today’s Pantsworthy recommendations has lots of jerks! From the NFL to assholes to the Pickup Game to those who oppose sanitation? Yup. Jerks! Here we go!


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Pantsworthy: Hot Docs – May 3, 2019

Sammy Younan

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Day 9 of the 2019 Hot Docs festival. Today we get profiles of 2 cool people and 1 type of person who thinks they are cool. Here we go!


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